Rachael Green leading a cheer before the women's college race

Haunted Hills strikes fear into those that dared to race!

SAO student Harmon scares racers as the Wolfman.

SAO student Harmon scares racers as the Wolfman.

CMC Running Club’s Haunted Hills Races feature five races

The 2017 CMC Running Club’s Haunted Hills Races were a huge success. The running club raised over $500 in the five races they hosted: a mountain bike race, men’s and women’s college races, and the Haunted Hills 6K and 2K runs. The Haunted Hills Races featured CMC Leadville students hiding in the woods scaring runners as they ran the race.

Men’s Results

The CMC Men's Team starts the 8K Men's College Race

The CMC Men’s Team starts the 8K Men’s College Race

Club member Brandon Hanson took home the top honors in the 8K mountain bike race and the 8K men’s college race. The 8K run was the first time he had ever run a race. Both of his times are new course records. Brandon was followed by club members Jason Gomez, Luis Juarez, and Chris Poole. Jason and Luis qualified for Nationals.

Women’s Results

Rachel Green flies down the trail en-route to her race win

Rachel Green flies down the trail en-route to her race win

Rachael Green and Marley Seifert raced the 6K women’s College Race along with Harvard University’s Alina Acosta. Rachael and Alina were neck and neck for most of the race. Approaching the last hill in the race, Rachael surged ahead and won the race. Harvard’s Acosta followed her for second. Marley’s third place finish rounded out the top three. Rachael and Marley also qualified for Nationals.

Haunted Hills Results

Jigsaw scared runners as they ran by at mile 2

Jigsaw scared runners as they ran by at mile 2

Dakota paints Kelli's face before the race

Dakota paints Kelli’s face before the race

Leadville’s Sonja Evers followed Brandon Hanson in the bike race for overall women’s champions. She also raced the Haunted Hills 6K run to finish in second. Julia Bishop from Summit County raced to win the women’s race. She was followed by running club veteran Kirk McMurray (second overall in the men’s race). Ray McGaughey of Leadville won the men’s race. He was distracted by a course official and simultaneously frightened by one of the many CMC students that were on the course scaring runners. Screams and shrieks could be heard all through the forest as the races went were being run.

Haunted Hills 2017 Race Results

8K Mountain Bike Race

Place Name Age Gender Time City Bib #
1 Brandon Hanson 18 Male 22:00.88 Leadville 1193
2 Matt Koch 15 Male 25:52.56 Leadville 1192
3 Sonja Evers 51 Female 26:13:38 Leadville 1100
4 Sterling Mudge 37 Male 26:40.46 Leadville 1187
5 Cooper Mallozzi 43 Male 26:50.65 Leadville 1196
6 Caroline Benney 18 Female 27:15.60 Leadville 1194
7 Tyler Watkins 45 Male 29:15.00 Leadville 1189
8 Bruce Kelly Male 29:28.50 Leadville 1195
9 Christina Briseno 47 Female 31:59.78 Leadville 1099
10 Leslie Ramsey 55 Female 33:09.50 Dillon 1188
11 Maja Tinstedt 17 Female 35:54.17 Leadville 1190
12 Kelli McCall 40 Female 35:57.91 Leadville 1191


8K Men’s College Run

Place Name Time College Bib #
1 Brando Hanson 39:36.31 Colorado Mountain College 1201
2 Zayden Tufte 40:41.22 Colorado Mountain College 1198
3 Jason Gomez 42:19.52 Colorado Mountain College 1200
4 Luis Juarez 44:31.02 Colorado Mountain College 1098
5 Chris Poole 44:52.42 Colorado Mountain College 1199


6K Women’s College Run

Place Name Time College Bib #
1 Rachael Green 31:08.97 Colorado Mountain College 1204
2 Alina Acosta 31:23.41 Harvard University 1202
3 Marley Seifert 40:11.06 Colorado Mountain College 1205


Haunted Hills 6K Run

Place Name Age Gender Time City Bib #
1 Ray McGaughey 28 Male 30:45.16 Leadville 1212
2 Julia Bishop 25 Female 35:37.75 Silverthorne 1206
3 Kirk McMurray 29 Male 35:43.14 Leadville 1223
4 Sonja Evers 51 Female 37:19.31 Leadville 1221
5 Andrea Bishop 53 Female 42:02.47 Silverthorne 1207
6 Aaron Hagan 25 Male 42:02.92 Leadville 1210
7 Elizabeth Gamach 39 Female 43:25.29 Canyon City 1203
8 Lisa Berman 36 Female 44:24.76 Leadville 1209
9 Celesta Cairns 39 Female 44:25.16 Leadville 1211
10 Becca Katz 36 Female 46:34.56 Leadville 1222
11 Kelli McCall 40 Female 46:35.01 Leadville
12 Christina Briseno 47 Female 47:16.00 Leadville 1219
13 Rachel Pokrandt Female 47:16.57 Leadville 1216


Haunted Hills 2K Kid’s Fun Run

Place Name Age Gender City Bib #
1 Max Fielder 9 Male Leadville 1215
2 Ella Bullock 10 Female Leadville 1218
3 Susie Bullock 10 Female Leadville 1220
4 Annie McFee 09 Female Leadville 1213