Slaughterhouse Hill Repeat

Slaughterhouse Hill Repeats

A new hill repeat workout was run by running club members this past Wednesday (10/12/16). New members Chaondra and Jason took on Slaughterhouse Gulch’s infamous Horseshoe Hill loop.

Looking for a challenging hill repeat workout?

This is a portion of a GPS map from the workout showing where the loop can be found.

This is a portion of a GPS map from the workout showing where the loop can be found.

The loop starts at the bottom of the northeast side of the Horseshoe Loop. Runners run northeast to the trail adjacent to Slaughterhouse Gulch. This uphill portion was run at 10K pace. Runners turned right onto the southeast side of Horseshoe this where the real hill began. For about 200 meters (0.1 of a mile) runners sprinted up this nearly 60 foot hill. When you look up at this hill, it is like looking up at a five story building. There was a slow downhill jog on Boulders, a walk down the other side of Horseshoe, and the repeat began again. It is a workout if you do just one but the challenge is to try to do six or more.

The Slaughterhouse Hill Repeats elevation profile. The workout are the six spikes in the middle.

The Slaughterhouse Hill Repeats elevation profile.

Chaondra and Jason decided to name the workout “Slaughterhouse Hill Repeats” after the workout. They did six hills this time. They want to steadily increase the number of reps on this beast. Their arms were pumping, their legs were burning, their lungs were screaming, but they kept going for more. They were only required to do four of these hills, but they went for six. Chaondra had a brief desire to do a seventh, but she changed her mind. Next time!

Jason crushing another Slaughterhouse Hill Repeat

Jason crushing another Slaughterhouse Hill.

Want to make it even tougher? Do 5-10 push-ups at the top of each hill repeat or other core exercises.

Although not directly part of the race, the Horseshoe Hill loop is very, very close to the course for the Haunted Hills Costume Run. This race is coming up quickly on October 29th, and online registration is open!