Running hill intervals on Mosquito Pass

Hill Intervals on Mosquito Pass

Breathtaking views of the Mosquito Range

There’s nothing quite like hill intervals to test a runner, right? Coach Darren and Katie wanted to make their workout extra extra hard today, so they challenged themselves to run intervals on one of the toughest hills around: Mosquito Pass Road. Even for Leadville’s standards, this road is high elevation — it tops out at 13,185 feet above sea level! This rocky, rutted county road connects Leadville and the small town of Alma. The pass crosses through the Mosquito Range, not too far from 14er Mt. Sherman.

Hill intervals on Mosquito Pass

Hill intervals on Mosquito Pass


Like so many wonderful places in Lake County, Mosquito Pass Road is pretty easily accessed by a normal passenger vehicle. This area is frequented by UTVs, MTBers and runners during the summer, and backcountry skiers and snowshoers all winter long. The remnants of Leadville’s mining history also cover each peak and valley, giving you something to look at while you gasp for oxygen!