Mt Sherman from Iowa Gulch

When in Doubt, Go Higher

Exploring Iowa Gulch

It’s that time of year! Coloradans along the Continental Divide are happily checking snow conditions for approaching spring and summer adventures. Club Secretary Katie went to Iowa Gulch to check on Lake County Road 2B. This road terminates at the Iowa Amphitheater and base of Mt Sherman, the 45th tallest mountain in Colorado at 14,036 feet. CR2B is probably best known as part of the Silver Rush 50 course, in addition to accessing a small part of Leadville’s historic mining district. As much as spring has finally sprung in town, there’s no shortage of snow, cold runoff or gusty wind this high!

Katie running on CR2B in Iowa Gulch.

There’s still a lot of snow at 12,000 feet, even in mid-June.

From Iowa Gulch, runners have amazing views of Mt Massive (pictured above) and Mt Elbert, and many other peaks hidden in the Sawatch Range. Very few wildflowers have started to perk up, although some marmots, pikas and an elk made appearances.